Welcome to Our Practice

Gentle dental care for all ages in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our mission is to provide individual attention and comprehensive, prevention-oriented oral health care tailored to your unique needs and goals.   We strive to help every patient understand their conditions, treatment options as well as the connection between oral and overall health.  Dr. Chin is dedicated to helping each patient have their best smile for a lifetime. 

Our staff is friendly, caring and committed to helping each patient relax and rest during their visits. 

Dr. Chin offers a full range of dental treatments such as general dentistry, preventive care, oral cancer screenings, evaluation of the gums (periodontal exams), teeth whitening, minimally invasive/conservative fillings, crowns, implants and mouthguards.  When needed, Dr. Chin and staff will coordinate your dental care with specialists who are also dedicated to excellent patient care and your comfort.

We look forward to sharing the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful Honolulu views of our Suite 418 where we invite you to make yourself “at home”.

We have developed this website as an extension of our practice to serve as a convenient resource for our patients.  Each patient’s improved oral health reflects the partnership, trust and confidence treasured by Dr. Chin.  You are welcome to give us a call if you need additional information and/or would like to schedule an appointment. Aloha!